Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rain stopped play.

A trip to Wilkinson's today saw the purchase of a 4 tier staging system for the conservatory.It took me less than 5 minutes to assemble it and about 10 minutes to fill it.I feel it is going to be a sound investment. It enabled me to take cuttings of some of my overwintered geraniums and clear the top of the fridge of seeds. I potted up my Koralik tomatoes and am still not impressed with their speed and size. On the allotment I planted my shallots and dug a couple of metres of soil.Unfortunately I met the other tree on the edge of the plot so cleared out loads of tree roots.Then the rain came so put an end to my little session

Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend update

Coffee morning at the allotment enabled me to encourage Mrs P to help.She cut up the branches from the deceased tree.I cleared my borders of crap at the top end and tackled a nettle infested heap of dirt.I just hope the neighbour here spends a bit of time clearing her part of the path.More bags of rubbish for the tip.I have also managed to injure my thumb it is either a sting or a strain.

I finally met my lotty neighbours at the weekend and they seem like a pleasant couple who weren't best pleased at having to move two raised beds that they had cleared because they were on someone else's plot.

I have finally planted my first early potatoes that spares up some space in the conservatory so I have had another seed planting marathon.8 different types of flowers and some courgettes.My problem now is a lack of pots since such a lot needs to be potted on.

My fuschia cuttings are developing roots in water so I should have a number of new plants.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Allotment tree deceased

The remnants of my tree.I spent an afternoon cutting this down with my new saw.It will enable the plot to have more light and I can relocate the compost bins there giving me more space down the other end.This area looks like a tip at the moment is covered with nettles and various other bits of crap.At least now I can get to the end of my plot.I think this year it will be my dumping area since lots of stumps are still in the ground.I have moved my groundsheet and hoed over an area that will have carrots,onion sets and shallots in.This should be a job for the weekend.I also want to get my First early potatoes in.
At home I have planted up some onion sets and Little Gem lettuce.
Gardeners World has arrived and had Spinach,Sweet Peas and Sunflowers as freebies.
Seedwise I have sow Lettuce Leaf Basil,Coriander and some more Koralik.I still have a few bits that need potting up but need to find some space first.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


A good 2 hours spent with my favourite current pastime of skimming and digging.Only a foot or so more and my potato bed will be completed.I have a hell of a lot of grass for turves that needs a place to rot down,perhaps the tree area would be an idea.
I noticed today that my neighbour has managed to dig over his entire double plot since Saturday morning I wonder whether he used a Rotivator.I still haven't set eyes upon him since I started in August.A couple of other plots around me are taking shape the current fad seems to be raised beds.I am just glad that the plots are going to be looked after since last year it looked like a bit of a wasteland.
On the seed front my Koralik tomatoes have all germinated,they are far slower than any other of my tomatoes but at least I will have something for my Allotments 4 All seed swap later in the year.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekly update

A weekend spent down at the council tip emptying heavy sacks of garden waste.Still it gets it off the allotment.
I have spent some time in the garden weeding,clearing out cat shit,hoeing and finally planting out radishes and rocket.
I received a seed package from Gardener's Corner forum whereby you get peoples unwanted seeds and send off your unwanted seeds to the next person on the list.I have potted up a few flowers just to see what they are like.
I have had another seed planting session Falstaff brussel sprouts,Picolino cucumber and Nasturtiums and potted on English Basil and San Marzano tomatoes.The conservatory and window sills are quite full as is the greenhouse.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Allotment latest

My first day with my new allotment dimensions.I have managed to lose about a metre of dug soil so will have the cleanest path around.I was going to grow my 1st early potatoes there.Today I skimmed the grass with a spade and then forked it over so I am on track for planting later this month.The tree in the top corner will have to come out and there are a number of brambles that need attention.
Yesterday I filled my composting system (Xmas present) which are three plastic sacks on a metal frame.My 2 daleks were emptied,one sack has the older compost which should be ready soon,the middle one is this years waste and is filling nicely with worms from my leaf mulch which I sorted out too.I cleaned out my plastic greenhouse ready for filling,
I filled a potato planter bought last year with various bags of used compost from last year and planted some carrots and spring onions as an experiment.
Cosmos,Dahlia Duo and Golden Sunrise have been potted up and a few more seedlings are popping up.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A little friend from last year

My chindoxias have started flowering.I got them as part of a T@M/GW spring bulb offer a couple of years ago.
Yesterday was garden weeding,hoeing and pruning day in the garden.I planted some peas and potted on various seeds.
I went to do my first shift at the allotment shop today which seems to involve standing around and chatting and lifting the odd bag of compost.I bought some shallots and onion sets and got some dahlia advice so a pleasant two hours since it was raining.
I have had my plot remeasured by the site rep and find that I have been digging in the wrong place and that my garlic is on someone else's plot.I have also inherited another tree.It is a bit of a nuisance I wish somebody could draw up a decent set of plans.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Latest batch of seeds

I received a delivery from T@M/GW Magazine today.1 potato planter and 5 Emerald Vale tubers plus 5 pkts of seeds.Chilli,Cabbage and Coriander which I didn't have and some mini carrots and lettuce leaf basil.All for £4.50 which I think was a bit of a bargain.Then Mrs P got some Alicante seeds from Lakeland,just what I need more tomato seeds.
Went to the Allotment AGM tonight and have volunteered for Sunday morning shop duty.
Potted on my Sungold,Minibels and Nasturtiums and planted some Anaheim chilli and Cabbage Primo.
My main problem seeds so far are Koralik tomatoes 1 out of 4 seeds germinated and Verbena Blue Lagoon 100 % failure rate so far.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Although there is only 1 flower it does look nice.I just hope a few little friends join him soon

Monday, 7 March 2011


The allotment at least looks more brown than green so there's another 7 bags of rubbish for the tip.I am trying to get the ground ready for my first early potatoes.
I also uncovered the groundsheet and dug a trench for carrots.The overwintering worked, very few weeds just crouchgrass debris.Next year I will be covering up a lot more soil.
I had another seed session today English basil,Austrian Basil,Thai Basil,Chives and some flowers.
The AYR Cauliflower,Broccoli and Onions are now in the greenhouse.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Another trench dug,12 bags of rubbish taken to the tip in the pouring rain.So last years debris has now all been disposed of.Weather has been bad for last few days so no more allotment time.

Potted on some All Year Round Cauliflowers and Broccoli.

Have taken some cuttings of Voodoo fuschias.

Windowsill full of seedlings mainly tomatoes.The conservatory is already too full and I don't think the plastic greenhouse is warm enough for stuff yet.

Planted some Golden Sunrise Tomatoes and Jumbo Sweet Peppers today as it is now officially March.

Although I am itching to do more I think that the weather needs to improve so I am erring on the side of caution.