Thursday, 28 April 2011

More digging

Another good session down the allotment.I dug over a lot of soil weeded it.A quick hoe and it will be ready to be planted up.I planted half a row Ishikura spring onions(A Daily Mail freebie) and weeded the bit missed on sunday.I earthed up some more potatoes and moved my pile of turves freeing up more soil to be dug.I harvested a neighbours nettles for the compost heap.In the conservatory I have repotted my Sungold and Koralik tomatoes and disposed of 2 of my Dahlia duo tubers acquired from B&Q because they were rotten,only 1 survives and it is putting out some nice shoots.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Spent a productive afternoon down at the allotment.I planted up some early onward peas and bedfordshire champion onions.I also planted half a row of Sparkler radishes just so I can get some produce.I earthed up my Picasso potatoes and weeded around the rows.I moved my groundsheet to the to be forgot about until May patch and dug over the soil that had been uncovered.So now I have half a workable allotment.
In the garden I have earthed up my potato planters and reorganised the greenhouse to make room for some tomatoes plants.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Right result today.

I have run out of pots so was v fortunate to find 34 in a plastic bag outside the allotment.Then my neighbour offered me some chicken wire to use as protection against the dreaded pigeons.A good watering of the potatoes,onions etc,a couple of hours digging and scything followed and then a tip run.Another result no queue whatsoever and a chap gave me three planters that I can use for my daffs and tulips which I have fed today.
More potting on followed once home and it will all be repeated tomorrow,weather permitting.
I am hoping to plant some of my peas that I have at home in modules down the allotment.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Still lovely digging weather NOT

The last couple of days have been spent digging,weeding,watering and scything my plot.The early potatoes are poking through again and another 7 bags of debris are ready for the tip.Soon I might actually get around to planting something.I have decided to only use half of the plot at the moment so I can construct some form of path and then crack on with the other half which houses compost bins,remains of trees etc which I hope to have available for use in June.
The potting on continues and a Sungold and Koralik tomato are in larger pots with a view to harden off in the greenhouse..My different types of Basil have been have been transplanted,I feel you can never have enough fresh Basil.Coleus,Dahlias,Zinnias and Penstemons have been transplanted into modules.
The potatoes in planters seem to be thriving as are the carrots and spring onions.
The garden seems to be in a death throe now that the daffodils and tulips have finished,luckily some pansies,primulas and violas are in flower.
My brassicas are all in the greenhouse waiting for planting out under plastic drink bottles to keep the birds off because I am too tight to build a cage.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


The potatoes are finally all in and today I planted my broad beans.The last two weekends have been spent at the tip with the rest of the population of Sutton.Mrs P and I have been availing ourselves to the Daily Mail offer of free seeds from Tesco's,it all helps to keep the seed stocks up.
I have planted some tomatoes,basil,chillis and cucumbers and potted on loads of flowers so the conservatory is still choc a block.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lovely weather for various tasks

Pinochio tulips are up and running and I think they look really nice.My Mickey mouse tulips are also in bloom.Some daffs are already finished and have been deadheaded and fed for next year.The Iris reticulata has finished as have my Tete a tete daffodils.My white and red tulips from the allotment shop are also in flower.All of the stuff I purchased from there seems to have worked.
My Camellia has started flowering.I planted it last year and it seems to be doing OK.
I have spent quite a lot of time at the allotment this week.I have planted out my rumba onion sets, Early Nantes and Nantes Frubund carrots and a row of Picasso maincrop potatoes.I have weeded my Garlic and Wintering onions area.I have also dug a bit more in readiness for more potatoes.I would to thank Leslie and Jim my lottie neighbours for use of their hose that was a great step up from my 2 litre watering can and saved me a lot of time.Another dalek has been relocated,it seemed to house a number of snails(now deceased) and an old blackberry cane that is destined for the tip.I can see some light at the end of the tunnel and am still enjoying the pottering about once I can motivate myself to get down there.

Yesterday I attended my first commitee meeting and learnt more of the politics of the place and the role of the local council.We might get some S106 money for improvements to the site such as a toilet,carpark repairs and improved security which would be good.