Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekly Update

The last of my tulips,a rather nice variety called Pacific Pearl,this week I have been deadheading my Daffodils and as the council have resumed green waste collection I can do lots of weeding and pruning.
I have started Paton's Twins Giant Pumpkin,Blue Solaise Leek,Purple Sprouting Broccoli,Primo Compact Cabbage,Romanesco Cauliflower,Koralik tomatoes and some French Winner Marigolds.
I have potted on Principe Borghese,Shirley F1,Anaheim Chilli and Black Velvet Nasturtiums.
I have also repotted my Rogue seed Beefsteak and Early Tanana into larger pots in readiness for going outside.
Down the allotment in between showers I have finally planted a batch of Babbington Leeks which I received in a seed swap.
I have got fed up of the lack of space in the conservatory so I have reorganised the blowaway and put in a couple of Reisentraube,Latah,Slovenian Black and Early Tanana tomatoes together with the obligatory tray of Marigolds.

Friday, 20 April 2012

What a palaver

Since the hosepipe ban has been in force the weather has been awful so trips to the allotment are few and far between.I dread to think what the weeds will be like.The overnight temperatures mean little can be hardened off at the moment so the Conservatory resembles a jungle.
I have spent the afternoon watering all of my stuff in the conservatory and windowsill moving bits and pieces about to gain any spare inch of space.I have not even started on my April sowings.
In the garden I have planted a row each of Boltardy and Choiggia beetroot.
I have planted up another flower through with Green Leaf Salad and Gourmet Salad mix following an article in this month's Gardener's World magazine.
I have potted on some more Zinnia Elegans Queen Red Lime and Aster Duchess mixed.
I have started Beijing Yellow,First in Field and Losetto tomatoes,Salmon Flowered and Sutton's Purple Podded peas in toilet rolls and a pot of Sweet Genovese basil.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weekly update

Down at the allotment I have earthed up 3 rows of Pentland Javelin(4 more rows to go) and planted another row of Early Nantes carrots and some Poached Egg plant to attract some bees.I have also showered my onions with some woodash and fed my garlic with some chicken manure pellets.The rest of the time has been spent digging over blocks of soil and weeding since the rain has encouraged the weeds.
In the garden I have planted a row of Sparkler and French Breakfast radishes.The Swallow peas are up and the Violetta broad beans are thriving.
I have potted on a second batch of Beefsteak tomatoes and planted a pot of Sweet Million tomatoes and Nasturtium Black Velvet.As soon as anything germinates in the heated propagator it is replaced by something else.
It's still too cold to leave anything outside so the Conservatory and Windowsills are still full to the brim.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Monday

Well the weather has deemed it unnecessary to visit the allotment and water it but i have been busy sorting bits and pieces at home.
I have taken cuttings from a white trailing Geranium,Lady Margaret Fuchsia and Dahlia Duo.
I have planted up a trough with Little Gem and Verde A Foglia Riccia Lettuce and emptied another one potting up some random Primroses that it contained.
I have started a batch of Greenshaft Peas,Tasmanian Chocolate and Dwarf Mr Snow tomatoes,French Marigold Orange Winner and Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarfs.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good Friday

As the best of the Easter weather was due today I spent 6 hours down at the allotment.Initially I planted 3 rows of Pink Fur Apple and then spent about 3 hours trudging 34 paces to the pipe with a 2 litre watering can and 2 2 litre pop bottles.This was to water the Potatoes,Raspberries,Strawberries,Broad beans,Peas,Garlic and the onion/shallot beds.I then hoed the onion bed and dug over a small piece of soil on the other side.I also planted a row of Early Nantes carrots.
A newly hoed onion bed,any gaps are going to be filled with carrots sown at regular intervals.
At home I have potted up Alberto's Locoto peppers,Koralik,Reisentraube.Alpatieva.Monkey's Ass and Latah tomatoes,Amaranthus Autumn Palette,Aster Duchess mixed and Aster Chinensis 'Pink Tower'.
i have also started pots of Shirley,Maskotka and a Picolino cucumber.