Thursday, 20 December 2012

Grow Your Own Seed Circle 10.

My seeds from this circle arrived today.40 different packages in all shapes and sizes,all for the price of a Large Letter stamp.
The varieties are listed below

Blue OSU
Rio Grande.
Orange Russian
Yellow Cocktail
Black Cherry
Early Tanana
Black Russian
Cheethams Potato Leaved
Black @ Brown Boar
Red Pear
Poire Jaune
Kenilworth St George
Chocolate Cherokee
Pink Brandywine
Ponderosa Pink
Banana Legs
Golden Grape
Yellow Currant
Darby Striped
German Lunchbox
Matina (potato leafed)
Sweet Pea Currant
Hundreds and Thousands
The Amateur
Hahnstown Yellow
Kibits Ukraine
Yellow Pear
Galina's Yellow
White Beauty
Golden Jubilee

Now I need to research them

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tomatoes.2012 not a great year

From various sources this year I have tried to grow various tomatoes this year.
It probably wasn't the best year weather wise to try this.
Early Tanana
Slovenian Black
Alpatieva 905
Monkey's Ass
Mortgage Lifter
San Marzano
Principe Borghese
Tasmanian Chocolate
Dwarf Mr Snow
Sweet Million
Beijing Yellow
First In Field

The only one that didn't germinate was First In Field.Not really fussed as they were a freebie from Dolmio.
I got no ripe fruit from Tasmanian Chocolate,Dwarf Mr Snow,Sungella and San Marzano.
I don't have a problem with the San Marzano since they were part of a £1 shop purchase last year.Even last year they were very late and sparse.
The Tasmanian Chocolate and Dwarf Mr Snow were from a seed swap and part of the Dwarf Tomato project.I have read elsewhere that people were not enamoured with their results and I have to agree.To my mind these are not stable yet and the differing plant sizes and leave shapes need to be sorted out.Mine obviously didn't realise that they were supposed to be 4 foot compact plants.
I was surprised by the Sungella but still have seeds and will give them another try next year.
My allotment is a graveyard for tomatoes that succumb to blight every year.Thus I tried Losetto F1 which were supposed to be blight tolerant.I also had plants of Shirley,Harbinger and Maskotka hanging around so gave them a try.True to form the allotment showed early signs of blight and thus I didn;t expect much.Through judicious leaf removal I got a decent crop from all of my plants until some allotment creatures decided to take chunks out of my tomatoes.
For my early tomatoes I tried self saved Koralik which had very small fruits but quite tasty,Early Tanana which were early but pretty tasteless and will not be grown again,Latah which after a bit of sun were pretty tasty and will be grown again.Strangely Koralik were one of the last varieties that I got fruit off of.

For cherry tomatoes I tried Reisentraube,the taste was nothing spectacular and they took too long to redden up even though I had some in a greenhouse.I also had a couple of Sweet Millions which were fine and I will grow them again.

On the beefsteak front I grew Monkey's Ass and Mortgage Lifter  both of which had a good fleshy taste,the yield of the former was pretty poor though.

My yellow skinned tomato this year was Beijing Yellow obtained from a seed swap,good taste but not a great yield.

For the first time I tried a black tomato,Slovenian Black obtained from a seed swap.I didn't get masses of fruits but the taste was divine and this is a definate for next year.
The star of the show this year was Sungold purely for the taste,if anybody knows of a superior tomato to this I would love to know.

Today's harvest

 Wandered down to the deserted allotment and collected some Leeks,Autumn King and Flyaway F1 carrots,Helenor swedes and some decent sized Gladiator F1 parsnips.This is the first and probably last of the Leeks since the rest are still like grass stalks.This a shame since I really enjoyed them earlier in the year.
I also harvested some Falstaff brussels sprouts.
Hopefully this lot will keep me going until the pre Christmas dinner vegetable run.
There is loads of weeding and digging to be done but the ground is sodden after the frosts and rain of recent weeks so a delay is inevitable.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Seed Circle 2

I have finally bagged up and sent my seeds for the Allotments 4 All Seed swap.This year I saved Reisentraube tomatoes and Black Hungarian Chilli peppers.
I got the seeds from Premier Seeds Direct on EBay.

Reisentraube tomatoes.
These were started on the 3rd March and potted on on the 29th March,27th April and relocated outside in mid May.Harvesting commenced in  late September.
Black Hungarian Chilli Peppers.
These were started on 3rd February in a heated propagator/and were up by   22nd /February where they were relocated to the windowsill.I potted them up on 10th March where they were relocated to the Conservatory.They were potted on to larger pots on 9th June.Then they were basically left until harvesting from October onwards once they had turned reddish.The seed was harvested from a number of fruits and left to dry until the seeds were hard.