Monday, 2 May 2011

Another long weekend.

A Similiar pattern seems to be emerging down at the allotment.Digging,weeding,hoeing and bagging up rubbish.I planted half a row of boltardy beetroots.Next job is to plant some parsnips and spinach.
In the conservatory I have potted on Alicante tomatoes,Red basil and some cucumbers.On the flower front Cherry Brandy rudbeckia and Coleus have been potted on.I still have space issues in there.
Today I started my Moonlight beans and Greek giant beans.I still have three more types of bean to sow.
In the garden I harvested my blind Wilkinson's daffodils (destined for the compost heap)added some compost and chicken manure and will plant some gladioli in their place.The garden seems bereft of colour at the moment even the clematis montana is losing its flowers but my first rosebud is about to bloom.
The greenhouse is full of tomatoes,cauliflowers,cabbages,brussel sprouts and brocoli all waiting to be planted out.

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