Monday, 15 April 2013

More seeds

Over the weekend I started pots of Suncherry Premium at £3.69 for 6 seeds,a rip off if it hadn't of been for the the £5 voucher from T@M,Red Brunswick and Crimson Forest onions,Jumbo Sweet F1 Hybrid peppers and a heirloom mix of tomatoes from the Grow Your Own Seed circle which contain  Maskotka, Vova Yellow, Black Plum, Beijing Yellow, Koralik,Pendula Orange and Maja.
The heated propagator is doing its job and so far the following seeds are up and are currently on the windowsill.
Madame Jardel's Black
Kenilworth St George
Betimes Macbeth
Monkey's Ass
Slovenian Black
Bishops Children dahlias
Picolino cucumbers
Zinnia Purple Prince,Envy Double and Queen Red Lime.
I think they have a little bit more time until potting on.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Another batch of seeds

Another batch of seeds started.
Sungella and Sungold tomatoes,Picolino cucumbers,Purple Prince,Envy Double and Queen Red Lime zinnia,Salvia Blaze of Fire,Victoria rhubarb,Partner F1 gherkin,Zebrune shallot and Musselburgh and Blue De Solaise leeks.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Long time no post

It's been a while since my last post due to the fact that the weather has been awful and my illness leaves me very tired.

However April has seen the start of seed planting.
The heated propagator has been switched on and currently has the following tomatoes in it.
Madame Jardel's Black
Kenilworth St.George
Betimes Macbeth
Monkey's Ass
Slovenian Black
In an unheated propagator I have started off the following.
Bishop's Children Dahlia
Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy and Rustic Dwarf
Aubergine Black Enorma
First In Field and Maskotka tomatoes
Sweet Genovese and Red Basil

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Seed Circle 12

My 2nd seed circle package arrived this week and contained the following goodies

Blackpod Runner Bean
Giant Yellow Tomatillo
Bay Tree (Laurus nobilis)
Helsing Junction Blues Tomato
Betimes Macbeth Tomato
Blush Tomato
Skagit Magic TPS
Baun Onion
Radlands Greenleaf Dwarf FB
Dobbie's Purple Beetroot
Aranyalma Tomato
Mr Brooks Blue DFB
Old Homestead CFB
Queen of Hearts Tomato
Eat Me Early Mange Tout
Blauwschokker Peas
Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean
Cosse Violette
Mrs Fortune's Climbling Bean
Major Cook's Bean
Red Pear Tomato
Pretty in Purple Chilli
Yankee Bell Pepper
Henderson Lima Bean
Madame Jardel's Black Tomato
Cherokee White Eagle Corn
Fordhook 242 Lima Bean
Black Jet Soya Bean
Miniature White Cucumber
Pepperdew Chilli
Great White Tomato
Butterbean Soya Bean
Tohya Soya Bean
Wieringer Boon DFB
Reade Krobbe DFB
Swedish Yellow Pea
Kaulion's White Broadbean
Luang Prabang Mangetout
Ragged Jack Kale
Eeuwig Moes
Mystery Tomato
White Zebra Tomato
Turkish Pepper
Black Icicle Tomato
Florence Fennel
Flavert DFB
Numex Twilight Chillis
Tropaleum Peregrinum
Kool's Langstro Rozijn Erwt Pea
Oldambster Wierboom Broad Bean
Elisabeth Pea mangetout
Spring Blush Tall Snap pea
Alma Csipos Pepper
Opal Creek Tall Snap Pea
North Carolina Speckled Cutshort long Greasy Bean
Lattughino Biondo Ricciolino di Trieste Lettuce
Georgian #2 Dwarf French Bean
Pea Parsley
Greek Cress
Dwarf Grey Sugar Mangetout Pea
Ground Cherry Cossack Pineapple

63 different varieties.Some people's generosity astounds me.For various non gardening reasons I have not made a start on anything yet this year but the hands are getting itchy and the heated propagator is a mere switch away.

Friday, 11 January 2013

First wander in the garden this year.

Even though I can't get down to the allotment at the moment I can still manage a few minutes in the garden.It's nice to see bulbs breaking throgh the soil and a bit of colour regardless of where it comes from.
I planted some snowdrops in the green last year and noticed this little fellow
 in flower.Some of his friends have come up elsewhere.
My Hellebores that I planted 2 years ago are now in bud and soon will be in flower.They always manage to cheer me up.

 A Pink primrose that was just left is in flower.
 Likewise its yellow counterpart
 A hacked to bits Winter Jasmine has started to flower and covers an unsightly bird bath,

Tamara daffodils of which at least one has a bud which is nice and early.
There are various other areas where bulbs are breaking through and a number of my pots are showing signs of life so I am hoping for more colour soon.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

First post of the new year

This isn't a gardening post but a story of what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks.
I recently have been feeling very lethargic and this came to a head on Christmas Eve when I had to go to the doctor who sent me to hospital for blood tests and an x ray.The outcome(anaemic) was to be admitted in the evening and given 3 units of blood to correct a haemoglobin deficiency.On Christmas day I had another unit as I did on Boxing Day.I thought I was getting better and going to be let out but unfortunately I caught an infection which meant no discharge and antibiotics.I then had an Endoscopy which showed 2 lumps which are cancerous.I then had a problem with my glands which ballooned up,an ultrasound found a blocked gland which means more tablets and will take months to clear.I also had a CAT scan which found more problems.
I have also been hooked up to a machine to thin my blood which is contary to me being anaemic.
Every time I thought I was getting out something else went wrong;
I was finally let out yesterday night so managed a sleep in my own bed and today went to the Royal Marsden for my gradings/staging etc.
The outcome is that the cancer has spread so is inoperable and I start chemotherapy next week.
Bring it on there is no way that I will allow you horrid pieces of crap to mess up my life as I fully intend to be on my allotment this year and for many years to come.
Now I am home I can start some seeds off/

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Grow Your Own Seed Circle 10.

My seeds from this circle arrived today.40 different packages in all shapes and sizes,all for the price of a Large Letter stamp.
The varieties are listed below

Blue OSU
Rio Grande.
Orange Russian
Yellow Cocktail
Black Cherry
Early Tanana
Black Russian
Cheethams Potato Leaved
Black @ Brown Boar
Red Pear
Poire Jaune
Kenilworth St George
Chocolate Cherokee
Pink Brandywine
Ponderosa Pink
Banana Legs
Golden Grape
Yellow Currant
Darby Striped
German Lunchbox
Matina (potato leafed)
Sweet Pea Currant
Hundreds and Thousands
The Amateur
Hahnstown Yellow
Kibits Ukraine
Yellow Pear
Galina's Yellow
White Beauty
Golden Jubilee

Now I need to research them