Friday, 11 January 2013

First wander in the garden this year.

Even though I can't get down to the allotment at the moment I can still manage a few minutes in the garden.It's nice to see bulbs breaking throgh the soil and a bit of colour regardless of where it comes from.
I planted some snowdrops in the green last year and noticed this little fellow
 in flower.Some of his friends have come up elsewhere.
My Hellebores that I planted 2 years ago are now in bud and soon will be in flower.They always manage to cheer me up.

 A Pink primrose that was just left is in flower.
 Likewise its yellow counterpart
 A hacked to bits Winter Jasmine has started to flower and covers an unsightly bird bath,

Tamara daffodils of which at least one has a bud which is nice and early.
There are various other areas where bulbs are breaking through and a number of my pots are showing signs of life so I am hoping for more colour soon.

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