Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lost wedding ring

On Monday I decided to tidy up this area.I weeded and bagged up 4 bags of rubbish and moved the compost heap by hand obviously.I also weeded my carrot bed and planted some Painted Lady runner beans.basically I was all over the plot.Later that night I noticed my wedding ring had slipped off whilst in the garden,a search of that foung nothing and on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday have been going through bags of rubbish and compost to try and find it at the allotment.

The area has now been dug over and another bag of roots dug out of the ground.Tomorrow I will be back weeding and sieving through garden debris until I find it.
On the produce front I have had my first new potatoes of the year Blemish free Pentland Javelins very nice they were too.I will leave the rest for a bit longer.I have also harvested a Garlic clove which was a bit on the small side so they will be left for a bit longer.I have had some more strawberries and broad beans.
I have planted rows of French Breakfast radish,Gladiator parsnips,Red salad Bowl lettuce and Annabel dwarf French beans.
On the potting on front I have done Sungold,Mortgage Lifter,Latah,Early Tanana,Sungella,Dwarf Mr Snow and Tasmanian Chocolate tomatoes,Tobacco,4 Seasons strawberry,Tzimbalo,Echinacea and Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarf.
On the failure front Bonne Bouche is a no show and my Paton's Twin Giant pumpkin seeds have still not germinated from early May so have been repotted and left outside.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Allotment update.

A couple of nice days has enabled me to get down to the allotment for some planting and weeding.
One task is to tidy up my wilderness area.My neighbour to the left makes no effort to clear up any part of this area.

I made a start yesterday and managed to pull out a dalek full of nettles,cleavers and other assorted crap.

I have planted out some Black Beauty courgettes and Maskotka tomato plants that have been hardening off in the garden.
I have weeded and hoed a bed next to my Strawberries and planted some Little Gem lettuce,Boltardy beetroot,AYR lettuce,Chioggia beetroot and French Breakfast radishes.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Plantings and potting up.

I have been a bit behind with what I have been planting and potting uo so here's an update.
I have started pots of  Painted Lady runner beans,Hungarian Zucchini and Partner Gherkhins.
On the tomato front I have potted up Losetto,Koralik,Sweet Million,Beijing Yellow,San Marzano,Monkey's Ass and Principe Borghese.
Into flower buckets I have potted on Reisentraube,Sungold,Latah.Mortgage Lifter and Slovenian Black tomatoes.
On the peper/chilli front I have potted on Napia Early Pointy Red Pepper,Alberto's Locoto and Black Hungarian Chilli.
I have potted up Marketmore cucumbers,Thai basil,Piccolino cucumbers,Moonlight runner beans,Catmint and some Helianthus Sungold.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Last week

A few allotment pics.
When I have finished elsewhere this little section needs to be attacked.It's currently where I have my Daleks and has a fine spread of nettles and a hidden tree stump.There is also a hidden table and chairs behind the weeds.
Here are the Picasso,Pink Fir Apple and Charlotte potatoes.In the background are the Onions which are rapidly going to seed.
I have planted some Headstart F1 sweetcorn,some Shirley,Harbinger and Losetto tomatoes.On the left is my overwintering garlic which has a touch of rust.
My early Pentland Javelin potatoes.Behind is my Brassica cage which is currently covering my Marshmellow strawberries.To the right of that are my Autumn Bliss raspberries
The legume bed,Aquadulce broad beans,Early Onward peas and some White Lady runner beans.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Last week at the allotment.

The Jubilee weather has not been conducive to going down the plot but I have done a bit of weeding and general tidying.The rain has been welcome since it saves me a good hour wandering back and forth to the Water tap laden with 2 litre plastic bottles full of water.
Another little section started off.In the plastic bottles I have planted Headstart Sweetcorn,in front of them are Shirley F1 Tomatoes and some French Winner Marigolds.Yesterday I finished this section off and had a good hoe to add more tomatoes later.
I have also planted some White Lady runner beans in the legume bed and will be adding to them when I have some more hardened off plants.

I have hacked down more grass to make a walkable path around the plot..
I have also earthed up 2 rows of Picasso and 1 of Charlotte,the Pentland Javelin will be done next.

I have finally had some produce,some strawberries (not the one above) and broad beans.