Sunday, 17 June 2012

Last week

A few allotment pics.
When I have finished elsewhere this little section needs to be attacked.It's currently where I have my Daleks and has a fine spread of nettles and a hidden tree stump.There is also a hidden table and chairs behind the weeds.
Here are the Picasso,Pink Fir Apple and Charlotte potatoes.In the background are the Onions which are rapidly going to seed.
I have planted some Headstart F1 sweetcorn,some Shirley,Harbinger and Losetto tomatoes.On the left is my overwintering garlic which has a touch of rust.
My early Pentland Javelin potatoes.Behind is my Brassica cage which is currently covering my Marshmellow strawberries.To the right of that are my Autumn Bliss raspberries
The legume bed,Aquadulce broad beans,Early Onward peas and some White Lady runner beans.

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