Monday, 18 June 2012

Plantings and potting up.

I have been a bit behind with what I have been planting and potting uo so here's an update.
I have started pots of  Painted Lady runner beans,Hungarian Zucchini and Partner Gherkhins.
On the tomato front I have potted up Losetto,Koralik,Sweet Million,Beijing Yellow,San Marzano,Monkey's Ass and Principe Borghese.
Into flower buckets I have potted on Reisentraube,Sungold,Latah.Mortgage Lifter and Slovenian Black tomatoes.
On the peper/chilli front I have potted on Napia Early Pointy Red Pepper,Alberto's Locoto and Black Hungarian Chilli.
I have potted up Marketmore cucumbers,Thai basil,Piccolino cucumbers,Moonlight runner beans,Catmint and some Helianthus Sungold.

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