Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Dinner

 While the weather was dry and bright I paid a visit to the allotment to get my Christmas parsnips which by now have had a decent frost.I was pleased with the result,the soil was easy to dig and i took out about 10
The Christmas brussel sprouts on the other hand were too small.I cut the top of one plant so we will have some.Unfortunately the Falstaff are a no show.
Other produce was a blue radish,a carrot,some chard and some salad leaves.
I also did a bit of digging but stopped when the couch grass became to grim.
The plot is looking a bit barren but a lot browner than last year.The weeds appear to be having a winter snooze.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seed swaps

As I have no inclination to do anything at the allotment at the moment it was with great timing that I have received 2 envelopes from my seed swap friends.It seems unfair that I only produced 2 items when I received so much in return.There are just so many interesting seeds to go through and I will have no excuse not to fill every square meter of soil at the allotment and every pot in the garden.I will definitely be spending the next few weeks planning and reading up on the various goodies that I have.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Seed Circles

I have finally finished bagging up my Koralik and Anaheim chilli seeds for my Seed swap.It's always a relief to find out that they have arrived and now I am just waiting for my swaps so that I can start planning for next year,My pepper seeds have also been dried out and stored for next year.
Now its time to empty pots and dump the compost into the garden.

Friday, 2 December 2011

End of Month update

 November is a fairly dull month at the allotment.I have harvested some Gladiator parsnips still frost free unfortunately,some late carrots and some salad leaves.All I have left growing for harvest soon are a row of parsnips,some leeks,a few v. late carrots,chard,brussel sprouts for Christmas,Blue radishes and a few salad leaves.
Weather permitting I have dug over and manured the left hand side of the plot.The right side has been weeded and recovered for its winter hibernation.I have finally received my Autumn Bliss raspberry canes and they are now in the ground.Now its just time for mother nature to take its course.The garlic,overwintering onions and shallots are all poking through and so the start of a another growing season begins.
The view of Plot 72B nicely weeded and covered over.Our little section is now fully occupied and will make next year a lot easier in the weed department.
In the garden I have had a tidy up,planted some Tulips and mulched,the overnight rain has helped to bed them in.
The tomatoes have finally been harvested from the greenhouse and there are signs of  life from my pots of daffodils,hyacinths and crocuses

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tip run

The weekend saw a tip run.10 bags of damp weeds and roots went to the tip.No queue and got 4 bags of council compost.This has been added to next years potato bed.I have also made a start on the covered tree and root ridden other side of my plot.This digging brought back memories of last year when a couple of square metres took hours to dig and weed.I am leaving it uncovered for a while so the weather can get at it.
I harvested a rether small Primo cabbage that tasted nice and have given the brussel sprouts a chicken manure pellet feed.
The overwintering onions,shallots and garlic are all showing.
In the garden I have cleaned the pond of leaves and am well on the way to another bag of leaf mulch.In the greenhouse my San Marzano tomatoes are reddening up nicely possibly due to the addition of an apple.Most of my sweetpeas have sprouted as have the mini garlic bulbs in the other blowaway.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pictures of dirt

The onions that I planted earlier have started to sprout,the recent rain has helped.
This is technically a picture of the brussel sprouts in my brassica cage unfortunately a tad out of focus.Whilst removing the yellowing lower leaves I disturbed lots of whitefly.
This is the area where I had my runner bean plants and I have already dug it over.Next year I will be growing potatoes here so another compost run at the stables is called for.
This is my area for next years legumes.The lighter colour soil are 8 bags of horse manure,the darker soil is council compost.It has been covered up and pinned down and hopefully the worms will do their stuff over the winter.
The nice weather has encouraged me to start my next digging project,the bit I left covered over,unfortunately this is the tree stump area.I have done a couple of square metres today and the roots are gradually coming out.The further I move from the tree stump the easier it gets.
In this area I want to plant some raspberry canes when T@M get round to delivering them and strawberry plants that I am waiting to root in the garden.
In the garden I have planted some daffodil bulbs,cut back some roses and mulched them and collected more leaves for next years leaf mulch.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Plot clearance begins

 A harvest of carrots,parsnips and some austrian and blue radishes.
I have pulled up the runner bean plants and composted them so the plot is looking a little bare.
All that remains are a row of Gladiator parsnips,Falstaff brussel sprouts and some Primo cabbages plus various odds and ends that may weather permitting get harvested.

Monday, 31 October 2011


 The new people(who appear to have 2 other nearby plots) have made a good start on Plot 72 which has encouraged me to tidy up a bit.I have moved my compost heap and made a start digging up tree roots.I can't see how this area can be productive so will mainly be using it for storage and as a dumping ground.I still have an area covered by a groundsheet that needs to weeded and dug over so I can put some Raspberries and Strawberries in.
I have finished my onion/garlic bed for next season with another row of Senshyu yellow and Electric red onions.
With the onset of GMT I have pulled up the Golden Sunrise and Alicante tomatoes in the garden and have 3 bags of leaf mulch on the go.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Last chance saloon

Yesterday I tidied up the tomatoes in the greenhouse in the hope of getting some sort of final crop.
I also harvested some broccoli and alicante tomatoes.
At the allotment I have planted up a row of Senshyu Yellow onions,Red Electric onions,Golden Gourmet shallots and a few more Garlic bulbs.
I covered my 12 by 8 bean patch for next year and got 8 bags of manure from my niece's stable.
Someone has finally taken on Plot 72 and they have made a decent start in weeding it.
The next job is to plant my spring bulbs.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The last of the potatoes

Yesterday I dug up the last of the Picasso potatoes and have dug the soil and composted it to put in some overwintering onions.I also planted another batch of garlic.I weeded my brassica cage which was full of whitefly.
On Sunday I worked in the allotment shop and took the opportunity to stock up with daffodils,tulips,crocuses and onions.
A bit of overnight rain softened up my old onion bed above so I have dug over a 12 by 8 section ready for a groundsheet to cover it over the winter period.
I also got some bonus garlic from last years planting which is a bit on the soft side but should be alright for cooking.It smells gorgeous.
From the garden we have had some Cabbage which was very tasty.
I have got Koralik,Beefsteak and Sungold tomatoes fermenting for seeds next year.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A pleasant surprise

I went to the allotment this morning and found that Plot 72B has been taken and cleared in less than a week.
Yippee no more 6 foot weeds.
 Now all I need is for someone to do the same with Plot 72 and I will be a happy bunny.
 A lone rudbeckia that I grew from seed this year and planted on the plot.
The brassica cage is filling up nicely with brussel sprouts.Today I harvested yet more Painted Lady runner beans and Picasso potatoes and gave the plot a good watering.I also started my planting of Albigensian Wight garlic from saved summer cloves.
I have started off some sweet pea seeds in toilet rolls and taken cuttings of my ivy leaved geraniums.
I have also started saving Anaheim chilli seeds for my seed circle.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Today's harvest

Some nice Gladiator parsnips,more runner beans and potatoes,some fair sized boltardy beetroots and a blue radish.I also harvested some small carrots and lettuce leaves.
From the garden it was tomatoes and more salad leaves.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Indian Summer.

It's been a lovely week,a bit like the August we never had.
A bit of digging and more weeding for winter has been the order of the day.
The site rep has been showing people around the derelict plots hopefully some one will take on Plot 72B and 72 and clear the 6 foot weeds.
Allotment produce has consisted of more Picasso potatoes and Painted Lady runner beans,Red salad bowl lettuce,beetroots,leaves from my Gourmet Salad mix and Hilds blauer Herbst and Winter radish.
The weather has encouraged  my last plantings of the month which are Sparkler radishes,Corn salad and Gourmet Salad leaves.
The garden has given me Alicante,Golden Sunrise,Koralik and Sungold tomatoes as well as my final Marketmore cucumber.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend update

Spent the afternoon weeding the leek bed and then dug over the future garlic bed.A quick hoe over with the addition of some compost and it will be ready to plant with Albigensian Wight garlic cloves next month.
Another bag of rubbish ready for the compost heap.
A trip to the tip on a sunday at 11 with no queue is unheard of but really happened and three bags of council compost brought home.
The leafless Alicante are reddening up in the garden as are the Golden Sunrise,I just hope that the Indian summer continues,
I harvested some beetroot, brocoli and some more runner beans.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Getting ready for winter.

 2 hours spent digging a 6m by 3m patch,2 rubbish bags filled with roots etc
 Already covered up and will be ready for next year,only another 6m by5m patch to dig over now.
Today's harvest sans Rumba onions which were taken home earlier.Austrian White radish,German Blue radish,a carrier bag of Paimted Lady runner beans and some Red salad bowl lettuce leaves.
The stapled brassica cage with some sorry looking Falstaff brussel sprouts and some manky looking Prima cabbages.Hopefully they will give me some sort of crop.
Yesterday I got my strawberry runners through the post and have already potted them up and my neighbour has said that I can have some of their runners so I should have a decent little strawberry patch next year.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Weekly update

Spent a couple of hours stapling netting to my brassica cage which gave me a blister but it does look secure,its a shame that the enclosed cabbages and brussel sprouts look so weedy inside.
.I have started weeding my paths in preparation for winter.
I have planted some Chard prob too late but it was a gift from my lottie neighbour.
I have harvested the rest of my rumba onions and i was v impressed with the crop.
I have dug up another batch of Picasso potatoes that are still looking good.
The Painted Lady runner beans are now giving me a good crop unlike my Moonlight which i hace given up on.
The next task is to dig it all over, compost and cover it for potatoes next year.
The compost heap has been aeriated and moved which has dislodged the incumbent fruit flies.
In the garden the golden sunrise are getting a bit blighty so the lower leaves are all off and I have had a couple of yellow tomatoes.I have finally had a brocoli stem which was v pleasant.
My 2nd batch of Koralik seed has been dried and batched up my A4A seed swap.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Today's harvest

Last week my neighbour kindly put this together for me so I have a bit of protection from the flying rats.
A very good harvest today.Boltardy Beetroots,Painted Lady Runner beans,Rumba Onions,Picasso Potatoes,Austrian radish,Red Leaf salad and half a parsnip(the other half disappeared).
A bit of weeding and digging followed and I secured a bit more of my plastic path.
Blight seems to have followed me to my garden and I have stripped the Alicante tomatoes in the hope that some mature.The windy weather has uprooted my Gardeners Delight from a growbag so I have transferred them to long pots in the hope that I get some next month.
I have started saving my Koralik seeds and have my first batch labelled up

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blight attack

Went to the allotment today to find 12 blighted tomato plants so into a blue sack they went.
I harvested a 14 inch parsnip and 1 kg onion to make up for it and was given some sweetcorn and a cucumber.
I planted some spinach,rocket and gourmet salad leaves in the hope that we have an indian summer.
The path has been extended and makes the plot look tidier.More weeding has been done and tomorrow I will be assembling my brassica cage.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Weekly update

It seems that I am sowing my last bits of the summer and if they come up great if not there are destined for the compost heap.I have sowed some White winter bunching onions,green and purple Kohlrabi,Durham Early Cabbage and Black Tuscany Kale.I have also started a small nursery bed for flowers with Wallflowers and Stocks in them.Today I harvested some Painted Lady Runner beans,some Broad beans and carrots.I also dug over my old potato bed and got loads of volunteers

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weather permitting

The last couple of days have been spent weeding as the weather has been variable to say the least.A couple more bags have been filled ready for the tip.I have sown some Nantes Frubund and Early Nantes carrots.I have harvested my first Painted Lady runner beans,my last batch of Broad beans,some beetroots and Picasso potatoes.I have made an attempt at tidying up my allotment tomato plants but don't hold out too much hope for them.
I worked at the allotment shop and spent 2 hours humping Daffodil bulb sacks.
I also got 10 large pots off of the allotment.
I have potted up a couple of San Marzano plants into them.
I have started my Christmas Emerald Vale potatoes in a container.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Not a great day

I weeded three beds and discovered white rot in my onions and had to throw some away.I also discovered one of my tomato plants has been broken off by what I do not know.I harvested a number of shallots,an AYR Letuce and an Austrian White radish.My neighbour has left me a load of wood to build a brassica cage which was nice of him.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Greenhouse reorganisation again

I rescued this little fellow from drowning in one of my saucers
In the hope of getting some San Marzano tomatoes this year I have repotted a couple of plants and some even have a few flowers.I have emptied out all of the crap that is not growing and given the remainder a good watering.Now I have Anaheim chillies,Peppers,San Marzano, Sungold and Gardeners Delight tomatoes all growing away.
In the other greenhouse I have Koralik tomatoes,Anaheim Chillies and a couple of Marketmore cucumbers.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

More weeding

The weather has meant an absence from the allotment recently and of course I have come back to weeds,weeds and more weeds.
I have harvested Carrots,Spring Onions,Rumba Onions,Lettuce,Austrian White Radishes,Rocket,Broad Beans and some Picasso potatoes.
I have planted some AYR Lettuce,Feldsalat and Kopfsalat.
I have done a bag of weeding and tidied up some of the beds.
In the garden I have had some Sungold and koralik tomatoes and a Picolino cucumber.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nearly been a year now

Although I haven't finished digging the whole plot I feel that I have made some progress as the picture below shows.
The 6 foot weeds are safely down the tip and I have had a fair bit of produce.
Unfortunately the allotment has got blight so the Picasso potatoes are looking pretty crap.Some of my Onions are also displaying some signs of White Rot.
I have harvested all of the garlic and the overwintering onions.Recently I have planted some Red Salad Bowl lettuce,Blue Radishes,Autumn King and Early Nantes carrots.I am gradually digging over the rest of the allotment which I will use for some Black Tuscany Kale and Durham Early Cabbages.
The August plantings should include some more Radishes,a Gourmet Salad mix and some Nantes Frubund carrots.
I might also start a couple of flowerbeds for things like Wallflowers.
In the garden I finally have a ripe Koralik tomato.The Alicante and Golden Sunrise are fruiting but still green.I also have various armpits which are also coming along.
In the greenhouse which has had another reorganisation the Sungolds are ready and taste gorgeous.I have repotted the San Marzano in the hope of getting some sort of crop.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Another week

It's nice to see the bees playing in my poppy just a shame that the flower seems to last only 1 day.
In the garden I cleared out a compost heap and sieved it and then refilled it,a foul job but it has to be done.I rearranged my greenhouse and found a tiny cucumber fruit on the Marketmore,I also have an anaheim chilli that has developed in the last day or so.The Sungold and Koralic seem to be flourishing and even the San Marzano is putting on a growth spurt.
Down at the allotment I have been busily staking my Golden Sunrise tomatoes.I have also harvested the final Rocket potatoes,Early Onward peas, some carrots and a Garlic.I emptied the Pea bed because it has finished and did another sack of weeding.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The weather at the weekend precluded any work but I spent two hours at the allotment shop on Sunday lifting a grand total of 5 bags of compost and lawnsand but I did get some 5 foot canes for my tomato plants.
Yesterday I finally got round to harvesting and returned home with Rocket potatoes,Emerald Vale potatoes,Early Onward peas,tasteless Spinach,Blue Radish,White Radish,Sparkler Radish,Spring Onions,Carrots,Red Sun shallots,Garlic and a couple of overwintering onions.
I planted some Early nantes carrots and White Bunching Spring Onions.I spent a couple of hours weeding and filled another couple of sacks.
In the conservatory I planted up some Sweet Genovese Basil,Oregano,Chives from the purloined skip down the road and some Catmint.
The greenhouse had a bit of a tidy up and the slugs and snails therein were relocated over the fence.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Swapsies at the allotment.

Having an allotment neighbour who grows things has its benefits.Today I received a bag of peas and a lettuce and some brussel sprout plants in return for some shallots and an overwintering onion.
On the allotment I had a busy day planting Falstaff sprouts,Golden Sunrise tomatoes,an indeterminate tomato from my garden,2 different types of beans received from Holland and some leeks.I also planted some Rudbeckia which was hanging around in a pot in the garden. This was in addition to weeding and digging more crap out of the 2 year old compost pile.
I harvested some Rocket potatoes and Red sun shallots which I am pickling at the moment.
In the garden I planted out some Falstaff brussel sprouts and Broccoli.Its probably too late for Xmas but its just nice to get things planted.
I also planted up some Early Onward peas because I read somewhere that they might provide a late crop.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


The two year old heap of weeds,bits of wood and an ants nest have been levelled out and will soon be ready for planting.It will need another tip run since I have another 15 rubbish sacks.
Another section where I piled up turves of weeds etc has also been dug over and soon will be planted.I am thinking of doing a nursery bed for wallflowers etc.
Yesterday I harvested Carrots,Beetroots,Rocket potatoes and some more Overwintering onions which found their way into a Tomato and Onion salad and a Potato Salad.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


The plastic greenhouse is full to bursting point with tomatoes,peppers,cucumbers and other various pots so luckily I got another one for my birthday.
I am using it at the moment without the staging for tomatoes for my Sungold and Koraliks.At the bottom I have San Marzano tomatoes which haven't done much yet and some Anaheim chillis which I potted on yesterday.
I have planted a couple of Koraliks in the garden and found an emerging Moonlight runner bean plant,1 out of 12 so far.
I spent a couple of hours at the allotment yesterday with Mrs P bagging up rubbish and me finally planting out some Golden Sunrise tomatoes.I harvested some more Rocket potatoes,Japanese overwintering onions and a garlic.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weather stopped play

A bit of time off from the allotment due to the inclement weather.In the garden I have planted out some Moonlight runner beans and 2 Sungold tomatoes.I also planted some Austrian White Radish,Boltardy Beetroot,Red Salad Bowl Lettuce and some All The Year Round Lettuce.
In the Conservatory I have potted on some Marketmore Cucumbers.The next job will be potting on Anaheim Chillis and Gardeners Delight.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hilds Blauer Herbst und Winter radish

I picked this beauty yesterday and it certainly has some oomph.I shall definitely be planting some more.
I went to the allotment this morning and found that my neighbour had finally got round to tidying up our joint border,this was a pleasant surprise and so I spent a good hour tidying up my side.It will certainly allow more light in and makes the plot look much better.I planted Spring Onions,Early Nantes carrots,Gladiator parsnips and some Boltardy beetroot.It makes a change from weeding.On the produce front I harvested Rocket potatoes,A Japanese overwintering onion and some Carrots and got another lettuce from my neighbours.I also earthed up the Picasso potatoes and weeded a couple of rows.
In the Garden I harvested my containers containing Emerald Vale and Rocket potatoes,the former was very disapointing and the later adequate.I think they are much more productive when grown in the soil.I have pulled out the Broad beans to give me some more space and found an ants nest in my leaf mulch which has been nuked,

Sunday, 3 July 2011

This week

This is what makes all the digging and weeding worthwhile.From 6 foot weeds to some produce.
This week I have been digging over the other half of the plot where I piled all my weeds etc last year.Yesterday we took 17 bags of rubbish to the tip.The soil was really infested and I could easily fill another 17 bags but it looks brown rather than weed infested.I have had Rocket potatoes,Blue radishes,Spinach,Peas,Carrots,Onions and Garlic this week.My beighbour kindly gave me some Lettuce and Radishes.
The weekend was spent in the garden tidying up and planting out any flowers that I had left over.I have potted on some Sungold and San Marzano tomatoes.I have planted out some Moonlight runnerbeans,2 have come up from about 8.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Weeding,Digging and Tidying.

The potatoes seem to be doing OK.It's a shame that the derelict plot next to me has 6 foot high weeds.Their non cultivation notice has gone out and next month if the council are up to scratch there should be a new tenant.
It seems a never ending cycle weeding and rubbish bags,I'm now up to 12 so a tip run beckons.
I have planted Painted Lady runner beans and harvested radishes,peas,early potatoes,more garlic,carrots and some overwintering onions.
The digging is coming along and I have weeded in between the beds.
The garden has had a general tidy up and I have planted Golden Sunrise and Alicante tomatoes.I have also planted out some Primo Cabbages and Green and Purple Kohlrabi.On the salad front I have done Corn salad and Eis salad lettuces which I bought in Austria earlier in the month.I had some overwintered Nantes carrots which tasted gorgeous.
The garden table is now empty due to me planting out a load of flowers so Mrs P can now put up the umbrella and sit out in the sun.
The greenhouse is flourishing and the tomatoes are coming along.
My container potatoes are showing early signs of blight so will be emptied soon I only hope that I have some sort of crop.
In the conservatory I have planted Basil,Dill,Thyme and Catmint and potted on some Golden Sunrise tomatoes destined for the allotment.I also have had my first Piccolino cucumber which is currently chilling in the fridge.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A good session at the allotment.

No rain stoppages today.I planted some Cauliflowers,AYR Lettuce,Coriander and Gladiator parsnips.Earlier I planted some Boltardy beetroots,Sparkler radishes,Rocket and some Austrian white radishes.
I then cleared out a bed that contained some woody radishes and then started to clear up the other half of the allotment.4 bags of rubbish later and it looked a lot better.
In the garden I brutalised a ceanothus while Mrs P did the same to some Ivy.I planted out some Moonlight runner beans,Cauliflower,Little Gem lettuce and some radishes.
In the conservatory I am trying again my Greek giant beans.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Long time no post

The garden and allotment are still progressing.Some successes and some failures.I have recently had a weeks holiday so left everything to nature's mercy in the garden.
From the allotment I have had radishes,spinach, an overwintering onion,early potatoes and some peas.Much weeding has been done since my last post.The broan beans are covered in blackfly and have done badly.
In the greenhouse I have loads of tomatoes potted up,some peppers and chillis.
The growbag has Koralik tomatoes in it.
From the garden I have had some lovely overwintered broad beans,radishes and rocket.I have also potted up some tomatoes that have self seeded from last year and they will end up at the allotment.
This morning I dug out a tree and cleared a patch for Moonlight runner beans.I have sorted out 1 flowerbed and filled it with Cosmos,Verbena Bon.,Lavatera,Dahlias and others.
My Greek giant beans have failed as has my first batch of Moonlight beans.
In the Conservatory my Cucumber has a number of fruits,my chillis are growing and I have 5 different types of Basil.
Now its time to plant some lettuce and salad crops.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Left keys in allotment lock

V annoying arrived home sans front door keys which necesitated a return trip to the allotment luckily only 5 mins away.
A change to the schedule today no digging.I planted another row of Broad beans,2 half rows of Gladiator parsnips,half a row of spinach and half a row of Hilds blauer Herbst und Winter radishesAll of this was watered with my 2 liter watering can.Obviously a number of trips to the tap followed but its all good exercise.I did a bit more weeding so another tip run is imminent.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Another long weekend.

A Similiar pattern seems to be emerging down at the allotment.Digging,weeding,hoeing and bagging up rubbish.I planted half a row of boltardy beetroots.Next job is to plant some parsnips and spinach.
In the conservatory I have potted on Alicante tomatoes,Red basil and some cucumbers.On the flower front Cherry Brandy rudbeckia and Coleus have been potted on.I still have space issues in there.
Today I started my Moonlight beans and Greek giant beans.I still have three more types of bean to sow.
In the garden I harvested my blind Wilkinson's daffodils (destined for the compost heap)added some compost and chicken manure and will plant some gladioli in their place.The garden seems bereft of colour at the moment even the clematis montana is losing its flowers but my first rosebud is about to bloom.
The greenhouse is full of tomatoes,cauliflowers,cabbages,brussel sprouts and brocoli all waiting to be planted out.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

More digging

Another good session down the allotment.I dug over a lot of soil weeded it.A quick hoe and it will be ready to be planted up.I planted half a row Ishikura spring onions(A Daily Mail freebie) and weeded the bit missed on sunday.I earthed up some more potatoes and moved my pile of turves freeing up more soil to be dug.I harvested a neighbours nettles for the compost heap.In the conservatory I have repotted my Sungold and Koralik tomatoes and disposed of 2 of my Dahlia duo tubers acquired from B&Q because they were rotten,only 1 survives and it is putting out some nice shoots.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Spent a productive afternoon down at the allotment.I planted up some early onward peas and bedfordshire champion onions.I also planted half a row of Sparkler radishes just so I can get some produce.I earthed up my Picasso potatoes and weeded around the rows.I moved my groundsheet to the to be forgot about until May patch and dug over the soil that had been uncovered.So now I have half a workable allotment.
In the garden I have earthed up my potato planters and reorganised the greenhouse to make room for some tomatoes plants.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Right result today.

I have run out of pots so was v fortunate to find 34 in a plastic bag outside the allotment.Then my neighbour offered me some chicken wire to use as protection against the dreaded pigeons.A good watering of the potatoes,onions etc,a couple of hours digging and scything followed and then a tip run.Another result no queue whatsoever and a chap gave me three planters that I can use for my daffs and tulips which I have fed today.
More potting on followed once home and it will all be repeated tomorrow,weather permitting.
I am hoping to plant some of my peas that I have at home in modules down the allotment.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Still lovely digging weather NOT

The last couple of days have been spent digging,weeding,watering and scything my plot.The early potatoes are poking through again and another 7 bags of debris are ready for the tip.Soon I might actually get around to planting something.I have decided to only use half of the plot at the moment so I can construct some form of path and then crack on with the other half which houses compost bins,remains of trees etc which I hope to have available for use in June.
The potting on continues and a Sungold and Koralik tomato are in larger pots with a view to harden off in the greenhouse..My different types of Basil have been have been transplanted,I feel you can never have enough fresh Basil.Coleus,Dahlias,Zinnias and Penstemons have been transplanted into modules.
The potatoes in planters seem to be thriving as are the carrots and spring onions.
The garden seems to be in a death throe now that the daffodils and tulips have finished,luckily some pansies,primulas and violas are in flower.
My brassicas are all in the greenhouse waiting for planting out under plastic drink bottles to keep the birds off because I am too tight to build a cage.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


The potatoes are finally all in and today I planted my broad beans.The last two weekends have been spent at the tip with the rest of the population of Sutton.Mrs P and I have been availing ourselves to the Daily Mail offer of free seeds from Tesco's,it all helps to keep the seed stocks up.
I have planted some tomatoes,basil,chillis and cucumbers and potted on loads of flowers so the conservatory is still choc a block.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lovely weather for various tasks

Pinochio tulips are up and running and I think they look really nice.My Mickey mouse tulips are also in bloom.Some daffs are already finished and have been deadheaded and fed for next year.The Iris reticulata has finished as have my Tete a tete daffodils.My white and red tulips from the allotment shop are also in flower.All of the stuff I purchased from there seems to have worked.
My Camellia has started flowering.I planted it last year and it seems to be doing OK.
I have spent quite a lot of time at the allotment this week.I have planted out my rumba onion sets, Early Nantes and Nantes Frubund carrots and a row of Picasso maincrop potatoes.I have weeded my Garlic and Wintering onions area.I have also dug a bit more in readiness for more potatoes.I would to thank Leslie and Jim my lottie neighbours for use of their hose that was a great step up from my 2 litre watering can and saved me a lot of time.Another dalek has been relocated,it seemed to house a number of snails(now deceased) and an old blackberry cane that is destined for the tip.I can see some light at the end of the tunnel and am still enjoying the pottering about once I can motivate myself to get down there.

Yesterday I attended my first commitee meeting and learnt more of the politics of the place and the role of the local council.We might get some S106 money for improvements to the site such as a toilet,carpark repairs and improved security which would be good.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rain stopped play.

A trip to Wilkinson's today saw the purchase of a 4 tier staging system for the conservatory.It took me less than 5 minutes to assemble it and about 10 minutes to fill it.I feel it is going to be a sound investment. It enabled me to take cuttings of some of my overwintered geraniums and clear the top of the fridge of seeds. I potted up my Koralik tomatoes and am still not impressed with their speed and size. On the allotment I planted my shallots and dug a couple of metres of soil.Unfortunately I met the other tree on the edge of the plot so cleared out loads of tree roots.Then the rain came so put an end to my little session

Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend update

Coffee morning at the allotment enabled me to encourage Mrs P to help.She cut up the branches from the deceased tree.I cleared my borders of crap at the top end and tackled a nettle infested heap of dirt.I just hope the neighbour here spends a bit of time clearing her part of the path.More bags of rubbish for the tip.I have also managed to injure my thumb it is either a sting or a strain.

I finally met my lotty neighbours at the weekend and they seem like a pleasant couple who weren't best pleased at having to move two raised beds that they had cleared because they were on someone else's plot.

I have finally planted my first early potatoes that spares up some space in the conservatory so I have had another seed planting marathon.8 different types of flowers and some courgettes.My problem now is a lack of pots since such a lot needs to be potted on.

My fuschia cuttings are developing roots in water so I should have a number of new plants.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Allotment tree deceased

The remnants of my tree.I spent an afternoon cutting this down with my new saw.It will enable the plot to have more light and I can relocate the compost bins there giving me more space down the other end.This area looks like a tip at the moment is covered with nettles and various other bits of crap.At least now I can get to the end of my plot.I think this year it will be my dumping area since lots of stumps are still in the ground.I have moved my groundsheet and hoed over an area that will have carrots,onion sets and shallots in.This should be a job for the weekend.I also want to get my First early potatoes in.
At home I have planted up some onion sets and Little Gem lettuce.
Gardeners World has arrived and had Spinach,Sweet Peas and Sunflowers as freebies.
Seedwise I have sow Lettuce Leaf Basil,Coriander and some more Koralik.I still have a few bits that need potting up but need to find some space first.