Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The last of the potatoes

Yesterday I dug up the last of the Picasso potatoes and have dug the soil and composted it to put in some overwintering onions.I also planted another batch of garlic.I weeded my brassica cage which was full of whitefly.
On Sunday I worked in the allotment shop and took the opportunity to stock up with daffodils,tulips,crocuses and onions.
A bit of overnight rain softened up my old onion bed above so I have dug over a 12 by 8 section ready for a groundsheet to cover it over the winter period.
I also got some bonus garlic from last years planting which is a bit on the soft side but should be alright for cooking.It smells gorgeous.
From the garden we have had some Cabbage which was very tasty.
I have got Koralik,Beefsteak and Sungold tomatoes fermenting for seeds next year.

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