Friday, 2 December 2011

End of Month update

 November is a fairly dull month at the allotment.I have harvested some Gladiator parsnips still frost free unfortunately,some late carrots and some salad leaves.All I have left growing for harvest soon are a row of parsnips,some leeks,a few v. late carrots,chard,brussel sprouts for Christmas,Blue radishes and a few salad leaves.
Weather permitting I have dug over and manured the left hand side of the plot.The right side has been weeded and recovered for its winter hibernation.I have finally received my Autumn Bliss raspberry canes and they are now in the ground.Now its just time for mother nature to take its course.The garlic,overwintering onions and shallots are all poking through and so the start of a another growing season begins.
The view of Plot 72B nicely weeded and covered over.Our little section is now fully occupied and will make next year a lot easier in the weed department.
In the garden I have had a tidy up,planted some Tulips and mulched,the overnight rain has helped to bed them in.
The tomatoes have finally been harvested from the greenhouse and there are signs of  life from my pots of daffodils,hyacinths and crocuses

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