Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tip run

The weekend saw a tip run.10 bags of damp weeds and roots went to the tip.No queue and got 4 bags of council compost.This has been added to next years potato bed.I have also made a start on the covered tree and root ridden other side of my plot.This digging brought back memories of last year when a couple of square metres took hours to dig and weed.I am leaving it uncovered for a while so the weather can get at it.
I harvested a rether small Primo cabbage that tasted nice and have given the brussel sprouts a chicken manure pellet feed.
The overwintering onions,shallots and garlic are all showing.
In the garden I have cleaned the pond of leaves and am well on the way to another bag of leaf mulch.In the greenhouse my San Marzano tomatoes are reddening up nicely possibly due to the addition of an apple.Most of my sweetpeas have sprouted as have the mini garlic bulbs in the other blowaway.

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