Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pictures of dirt

The onions that I planted earlier have started to sprout,the recent rain has helped.
This is technically a picture of the brussel sprouts in my brassica cage unfortunately a tad out of focus.Whilst removing the yellowing lower leaves I disturbed lots of whitefly.
This is the area where I had my runner bean plants and I have already dug it over.Next year I will be growing potatoes here so another compost run at the stables is called for.
This is my area for next years legumes.The lighter colour soil are 8 bags of horse manure,the darker soil is council compost.It has been covered up and pinned down and hopefully the worms will do their stuff over the winter.
The nice weather has encouraged me to start my next digging project,the bit I left covered over,unfortunately this is the tree stump area.I have done a couple of square metres today and the roots are gradually coming out.The further I move from the tree stump the easier it gets.
In this area I want to plant some raspberry canes when T@M get round to delivering them and strawberry plants that I am waiting to root in the garden.
In the garden I have planted some daffodil bulbs,cut back some roses and mulched them and collected more leaves for next years leaf mulch.

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