Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Dinner

 While the weather was dry and bright I paid a visit to the allotment to get my Christmas parsnips which by now have had a decent frost.I was pleased with the result,the soil was easy to dig and i took out about 10
The Christmas brussel sprouts on the other hand were too small.I cut the top of one plant so we will have some.Unfortunately the Falstaff are a no show.
Other produce was a blue radish,a carrot,some chard and some salad leaves.
I also did a bit of digging but stopped when the couch grass became to grim.
The plot is looking a bit barren but a lot browner than last year.The weeds appear to be having a winter snooze.


  1. Hi Peter. I bet those Parsnips tasted sweet :)

    I'm in awe of the home-made Brassica cage. I really need one of those this year. What sort of cost was all the wood?

  2. About £20 but my allotment neighbour is a carpenter and gave it to me for nothing and put it together for me