Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Koralik tomatoes

 I bought some Koralik seeds from Pennard plants last year for my seed saving circle.It was my first attempt at seed saving.
I planted the seeds in late february in 3 inch pots and waited about two weeks for them to germinate.They were the slowest of all the tomato seeds that I started.I potted them on a couple of times and then placed them in a plastic greenhouse for isolation as I wanted to save the seed.
I started having fruit in the early part of July and my final crop was in late November,the indian summer helped.
They were sweet but not as good as Sungold which I grew for the first time last year as well.
I managed to save lots of seeds, so this year I will be trying them down the allotment to see if they have any blight resistant properties.
I am also going to try an early sowing for a test on the Grapevine forum to see how early i can get some fruit.


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