Friday, 27 January 2012

First weeding of the year at the allotment

Nice day so ambled along to the allotment.Dug up the rest of my Gladiator parsnips,harvested some brussel sprouts and leeks and weeded the leek and garlic section.I also did a bit of digging.
For later on in the year I measured  my plot to see where everything is going to go.
In the garden I have hacked away a section of Hemerocallis that has gradually taken over since we moved in and cut down rudbeckias.all added to the compost heap.
Its still too cold to plant anything out so i have started a few batches of seeds on the windowsills.
So far Bunyatd Exhibition and Aquadulce broad beans that are now in the greenhouse,Stamme onions,Bedfordshire Champion onions,Leeks,Garlic Chives,Sweet Genovese Basil and Cheyenne chillis.
Of course the windowsill is already full.
From my Seed circle swap the Babbington leeks and Walking onions are both up and have been relocated to the conservatory.
I have been down to the allotment shop and come back with Pentland Javelin first earlies,Charlotte,Pink Fir Apple and Rumba onions.

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