Thursday, 19 January 2012

Skip diving and compost.

A fruitful journey past a skip last night saw me liberate 15 assorted large pots which will be useful for my tomato plants.Today I concentrated  on my garden compost heaps.1 heap contained last years leaf mould which has been relocated,lots of worms so I expect some decent stuff later on in the year.1 heap was moved to a different compartment and will now be left until spring.I sieved the middle compartment and potted on some rogue daffodils that had started to sprout and got a decent bags worth of garden compost.I now have one empty compartment which will form the basis of this years efforts.The recent frosts have finally blackened the dahlias so they have been lifted and are currently dying in the conservatory.

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  1. Snap, we have been diving for bricks in a skip opposite our allotment site...with permission!