Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Early season sowing

 A picture of my Babbington leeks (left) and Egyptian walking onions (right).Both have come up so are relegated to the conservatory for a little while.Windowsill space is just to valuable at the moment.
My new toy a mini electric propogator which holds 2 half seed trays or 8 pots.I had a little seed planing session this afternoon with some of my Seed circle swaps.Currently I have a small unnamed chilli and one called Cayenne,I also started some Aquilega Royal Purple because it supposedly takes 1 to 3 months to germinate.Tomorrow it will be Napia Early Pointy red peppers and Alberto's Locoto chilli courtesy of advice from AJ's blog.
I'm trying not to go too overboard at the moment because its still early in the season and I still have not worked out a proper allotment plan yet.


  1. You must be a big chilli fan? like you I always find it difficult to restrain the urge to sow way more than I need.

  2. Last year I grew Anaheim for a seed circle swap and received the others in the swap.As I purchased a heated propagator and its early in the season that's why I am growing lots more different ones.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about window sill space being useful, the window sill in my spare room is already full. I too think I have gotten a little carried away with planting seeds too early and too many, but if the weather is good for the months too come we will be ahead of the game !