Monday, 20 February 2012

An Update

 A nice few days have seen a couple of trips to the allotment.I harvested some unfrozen leeks and have a couple left.
The Brassica cage still has some brussel sprout plants,I may get lucky and have a few that look edible.
I have extended my path that splits my plot up and starting weeding.The more I get done now means less work later in the season.
The heated propagator has finally seem some action and I have a couple of unnamed chilli and Black Hungarian up,
From the seed circle I have planted some Landrace ? and Violetta broad beans as well as some Sweet peas which I have left in the conservatory.
I have also started some Koralik on the windowsill as well as some beefsteak tomatoes.
My AYR Cauliflower has been potted up and my Brocolli and Sweet Genovese basil will be next,
It's still early so I am holding off on planting too much.
My Bunyard Exhibition and Aquadulce are outside in the greenhouse and are showing no signs of growth.
In the garden the crocuses are out as are some Iris reticulata

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