Thursday, 23 February 2012

A lovely day today

I probably didn't need a jumper and a fleece since the weather was glorious.I finished off my path and did a bit more digging and weeding.
I also planted 3 raspberry canes that I got from Wilkinson's Mailing Seedling,Glen Ample and Polka.They all look like twigs at the moment.
I harvested my final 4 leeks and turned over the compost heap,some of it even looks like soil.
I lifted up a covered area that I manured last year and it seems to have broken down so a mass dig in session will follow later.
Thompson and Morgan have surpassed themselves by sending me my In the green snowdrops so I planted them in the garden after I came home,
I have potted up my basil and broccoli in the conservatory and am chitting my Pentland Javelin,Charlotte and Pink Fur Apple potatoes in egg boxes.
As ever space is at a premium.

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