Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year

 With the extra day this year I thought I would use it to refill my heated propagator.My Alberto's Locoto began showing yesterday,the only failure so far is Cayenne pepper which I will give another week.The windowsill is currently Pepper heaven with about 5 types on it.
I have refilled with flowers that are Feb/March sowing on the packets.Thus today I started pots of Amaranthus.Marigold Galore,Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy,Cosmos Brightness and Verbena Bonariensis.Finally I have started my tomatoes with a pot of Early Tanana.Only another 30 types to go.
The small plastic greenhouse is currently home to my Broad beans.So far the Bunyard's Exhibition have yet to show but the Aquadulce are sprouting.Another couple of weeks and they will be on the allotment.
The recent decent weather has seen me down there digging and weeding.
The garlic is coming along strongly as are the shallots,unfortunately a weeding of my onion patch has left me with a number of gaps.The manure has all been dug in in my legume bed and I am making a start on removing a tree stump and my plastic path has been completed.

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  1. Wow your garlic and shallots are coming on very nicely for sure. I haven't even started as I've only just moved into my new place with a bit more growing spce to allow me to grow veg once again. I am looking forward to comparing notes on growing. Happy growing.