Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nearly been a year now

Although I haven't finished digging the whole plot I feel that I have made some progress as the picture below shows.
The 6 foot weeds are safely down the tip and I have had a fair bit of produce.
Unfortunately the allotment has got blight so the Picasso potatoes are looking pretty crap.Some of my Onions are also displaying some signs of White Rot.
I have harvested all of the garlic and the overwintering onions.Recently I have planted some Red Salad Bowl lettuce,Blue Radishes,Autumn King and Early Nantes carrots.I am gradually digging over the rest of the allotment which I will use for some Black Tuscany Kale and Durham Early Cabbages.
The August plantings should include some more Radishes,a Gourmet Salad mix and some Nantes Frubund carrots.
I might also start a couple of flowerbeds for things like Wallflowers.
In the garden I finally have a ripe Koralik tomato.The Alicante and Golden Sunrise are fruiting but still green.I also have various armpits which are also coming along.
In the greenhouse which has had another reorganisation the Sungolds are ready and taste gorgeous.I have repotted the San Marzano in the hope of getting some sort of crop.

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