Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weather permitting

The last couple of days have been spent weeding as the weather has been variable to say the least.A couple more bags have been filled ready for the tip.I have sown some Nantes Frubund and Early Nantes carrots.I have harvested my first Painted Lady runner beans,my last batch of Broad beans,some beetroots and Picasso potatoes.I have made an attempt at tidying up my allotment tomato plants but don't hold out too much hope for them.
I worked at the allotment shop and spent 2 hours humping Daffodil bulb sacks.
I also got 10 large pots off of the allotment.
I have potted up a couple of San Marzano plants into them.
I have started my Christmas Emerald Vale potatoes in a container.

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