Saturday, 23 July 2011

Another week

It's nice to see the bees playing in my poppy just a shame that the flower seems to last only 1 day.
In the garden I cleared out a compost heap and sieved it and then refilled it,a foul job but it has to be done.I rearranged my greenhouse and found a tiny cucumber fruit on the Marketmore,I also have an anaheim chilli that has developed in the last day or so.The Sungold and Koralic seem to be flourishing and even the San Marzano is putting on a growth spurt.
Down at the allotment I have been busily staking my Golden Sunrise tomatoes.I have also harvested the final Rocket potatoes,Early Onward peas, some carrots and a Garlic.I emptied the Pea bed because it has finished and did another sack of weeding.

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