Monday, 18 July 2011

The weather at the weekend precluded any work but I spent two hours at the allotment shop on Sunday lifting a grand total of 5 bags of compost and lawnsand but I did get some 5 foot canes for my tomato plants.
Yesterday I finally got round to harvesting and returned home with Rocket potatoes,Emerald Vale potatoes,Early Onward peas,tasteless Spinach,Blue Radish,White Radish,Sparkler Radish,Spring Onions,Carrots,Red Sun shallots,Garlic and a couple of overwintering onions.
I planted some Early nantes carrots and White Bunching Spring Onions.I spent a couple of hours weeding and filled another couple of sacks.
In the conservatory I planted up some Sweet Genovese Basil,Oregano,Chives from the purloined skip down the road and some Catmint.
The greenhouse had a bit of a tidy up and the slugs and snails therein were relocated over the fence.

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