Sunday, 3 July 2011

This week

This is what makes all the digging and weeding worthwhile.From 6 foot weeds to some produce.
This week I have been digging over the other half of the plot where I piled all my weeds etc last year.Yesterday we took 17 bags of rubbish to the tip.The soil was really infested and I could easily fill another 17 bags but it looks brown rather than weed infested.I have had Rocket potatoes,Blue radishes,Spinach,Peas,Carrots,Onions and Garlic this week.My beighbour kindly gave me some Lettuce and Radishes.
The weekend was spent in the garden tidying up and planting out any flowers that I had left over.I have potted on some Sungold and San Marzano tomatoes.I have planted out some Moonlight runnerbeans,2 have come up from about 8.

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