Thursday, 14 July 2011

Swapsies at the allotment.

Having an allotment neighbour who grows things has its benefits.Today I received a bag of peas and a lettuce and some brussel sprout plants in return for some shallots and an overwintering onion.
On the allotment I had a busy day planting Falstaff sprouts,Golden Sunrise tomatoes,an indeterminate tomato from my garden,2 different types of beans received from Holland and some leeks.I also planted some Rudbeckia which was hanging around in a pot in the garden. This was in addition to weeding and digging more crap out of the 2 year old compost pile.
I harvested some Rocket potatoes and Red sun shallots which I am pickling at the moment.
In the garden I planted out some Falstaff brussel sprouts and Broccoli.Its probably too late for Xmas but its just nice to get things planted.
I also planted up some Early Onward peas because I read somewhere that they might provide a late crop.

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