Thursday, 29 September 2011

Indian Summer.

It's been a lovely week,a bit like the August we never had.
A bit of digging and more weeding for winter has been the order of the day.
The site rep has been showing people around the derelict plots hopefully some one will take on Plot 72B and 72 and clear the 6 foot weeds.
Allotment produce has consisted of more Picasso potatoes and Painted Lady runner beans,Red salad bowl lettuce,beetroots,leaves from my Gourmet Salad mix and Hilds blauer Herbst and Winter radish.
The weather has encouraged  my last plantings of the month which are Sparkler radishes,Corn salad and Gourmet Salad leaves.
The garden has given me Alicante,Golden Sunrise,Koralik and Sungold tomatoes as well as my final Marketmore cucumber.

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