Thursday, 22 September 2011

Getting ready for winter.

 2 hours spent digging a 6m by 3m patch,2 rubbish bags filled with roots etc
 Already covered up and will be ready for next year,only another 6m by5m patch to dig over now.
Today's harvest sans Rumba onions which were taken home earlier.Austrian White radish,German Blue radish,a carrier bag of Paimted Lady runner beans and some Red salad bowl lettuce leaves.
The stapled brassica cage with some sorry looking Falstaff brussel sprouts and some manky looking Prima cabbages.Hopefully they will give me some sort of crop.
Yesterday I got my strawberry runners through the post and have already potted them up and my neighbour has said that I can have some of their runners so I should have a decent little strawberry patch next year.

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