Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Weekly update

Spent a couple of hours stapling netting to my brassica cage which gave me a blister but it does look secure,its a shame that the enclosed cabbages and brussel sprouts look so weedy inside.
.I have started weeding my paths in preparation for winter.
I have planted some Chard prob too late but it was a gift from my lottie neighbour.
I have harvested the rest of my rumba onions and i was v impressed with the crop.
I have dug up another batch of Picasso potatoes that are still looking good.
The Painted Lady runner beans are now giving me a good crop unlike my Moonlight which i hace given up on.
The next task is to dig it all over, compost and cover it for potatoes next year.
The compost heap has been aeriated and moved which has dislodged the incumbent fruit flies.
In the garden the golden sunrise are getting a bit blighty so the lower leaves are all off and I have had a couple of yellow tomatoes.I have finally had a brocoli stem which was v pleasant.
My 2nd batch of Koralik seed has been dried and batched up my A4A seed swap.

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