Friday, 9 September 2011

Today's harvest

Last week my neighbour kindly put this together for me so I have a bit of protection from the flying rats.
A very good harvest today.Boltardy Beetroots,Painted Lady Runner beans,Rumba Onions,Picasso Potatoes,Austrian radish,Red Leaf salad and half a parsnip(the other half disappeared).
A bit of weeding and digging followed and I secured a bit more of my plastic path.
Blight seems to have followed me to my garden and I have stripped the Alicante tomatoes in the hope that some mature.The windy weather has uprooted my Gardeners Delight from a growbag so I have transferred them to long pots in the hope that I get some next month.
I have started saving my Koralik seeds and have my first batch labelled up

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