Friday, 25 March 2011

Allotment tree deceased

The remnants of my tree.I spent an afternoon cutting this down with my new saw.It will enable the plot to have more light and I can relocate the compost bins there giving me more space down the other end.This area looks like a tip at the moment is covered with nettles and various other bits of crap.At least now I can get to the end of my plot.I think this year it will be my dumping area since lots of stumps are still in the ground.I have moved my groundsheet and hoed over an area that will have carrots,onion sets and shallots in.This should be a job for the weekend.I also want to get my First early potatoes in.
At home I have planted up some onion sets and Little Gem lettuce.
Gardeners World has arrived and had Spinach,Sweet Peas and Sunflowers as freebies.
Seedwise I have sow Lettuce Leaf Basil,Coriander and some more Koralik.I still have a few bits that need potting up but need to find some space first.

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