Friday, 11 March 2011

Latest batch of seeds

I received a delivery from T@M/GW Magazine today.1 potato planter and 5 Emerald Vale tubers plus 5 pkts of seeds.Chilli,Cabbage and Coriander which I didn't have and some mini carrots and lettuce leaf basil.All for £4.50 which I think was a bit of a bargain.Then Mrs P got some Alicante seeds from Lakeland,just what I need more tomato seeds.
Went to the Allotment AGM tonight and have volunteered for Sunday morning shop duty.
Potted on my Sungold,Minibels and Nasturtiums and planted some Anaheim chilli and Cabbage Primo.
My main problem seeds so far are Koralik tomatoes 1 out of 4 seeds germinated and Verbena Blue Lagoon 100 % failure rate so far.

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