Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Allotment latest

My first day with my new allotment dimensions.I have managed to lose about a metre of dug soil so will have the cleanest path around.I was going to grow my 1st early potatoes there.Today I skimmed the grass with a spade and then forked it over so I am on track for planting later this month.The tree in the top corner will have to come out and there are a number of brambles that need attention.
Yesterday I filled my composting system (Xmas present) which are three plastic sacks on a metal frame.My 2 daleks were emptied,one sack has the older compost which should be ready soon,the middle one is this years waste and is filling nicely with worms from my leaf mulch which I sorted out too.I cleaned out my plastic greenhouse ready for filling,
I filled a potato planter bought last year with various bags of used compost from last year and planted some carrots and spring onions as an experiment.
Cosmos,Dahlia Duo and Golden Sunrise have been potted up and a few more seedlings are popping up.

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