Sunday, 13 March 2011

A little friend from last year

My chindoxias have started flowering.I got them as part of a T@M/GW spring bulb offer a couple of years ago.
Yesterday was garden weeding,hoeing and pruning day in the garden.I planted some peas and potted on various seeds.
I went to do my first shift at the allotment shop today which seems to involve standing around and chatting and lifting the odd bag of compost.I bought some shallots and onion sets and got some dahlia advice so a pleasant two hours since it was raining.
I have had my plot remeasured by the site rep and find that I have been digging in the wrong place and that my garlic is on someone else's plot.I have also inherited another tree.It is a bit of a nuisance I wish somebody could draw up a decent set of plans.

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