Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend update

Coffee morning at the allotment enabled me to encourage Mrs P to help.She cut up the branches from the deceased tree.I cleared my borders of crap at the top end and tackled a nettle infested heap of dirt.I just hope the neighbour here spends a bit of time clearing her part of the path.More bags of rubbish for the tip.I have also managed to injure my thumb it is either a sting or a strain.

I finally met my lotty neighbours at the weekend and they seem like a pleasant couple who weren't best pleased at having to move two raised beds that they had cleared because they were on someone else's plot.

I have finally planted my first early potatoes that spares up some space in the conservatory so I have had another seed planting marathon.8 different types of flowers and some courgettes.My problem now is a lack of pots since such a lot needs to be potted on.

My fuschia cuttings are developing roots in water so I should have a number of new plants.

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