Tuesday, 22 March 2011


A good 2 hours spent with my favourite current pastime of skimming and digging.Only a foot or so more and my potato bed will be completed.I have a hell of a lot of grass for turves that needs a place to rot down,perhaps the tree area would be an idea.
I noticed today that my neighbour has managed to dig over his entire double plot since Saturday morning I wonder whether he used a Rotivator.I still haven't set eyes upon him since I started in August.A couple of other plots around me are taking shape the current fad seems to be raised beds.I am just glad that the plots are going to be looked after since last year it looked like a bit of a wasteland.
On the seed front my Koralik tomatoes have all germinated,they are far slower than any other of my tomatoes but at least I will have something for my Allotments 4 All seed swap later in the year.

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