Thursday, 21 April 2011

Still lovely digging weather NOT

The last couple of days have been spent digging,weeding,watering and scything my plot.The early potatoes are poking through again and another 7 bags of debris are ready for the tip.Soon I might actually get around to planting something.I have decided to only use half of the plot at the moment so I can construct some form of path and then crack on with the other half which houses compost bins,remains of trees etc which I hope to have available for use in June.
The potting on continues and a Sungold and Koralik tomato are in larger pots with a view to harden off in the greenhouse..My different types of Basil have been have been transplanted,I feel you can never have enough fresh Basil.Coleus,Dahlias,Zinnias and Penstemons have been transplanted into modules.
The potatoes in planters seem to be thriving as are the carrots and spring onions.
The garden seems to be in a death throe now that the daffodils and tulips have finished,luckily some pansies,primulas and violas are in flower.
My brassicas are all in the greenhouse waiting for planting out under plastic drink bottles to keep the birds off because I am too tight to build a cage.

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