Saturday, 12 February 2011

Starting from seed

I have listed all of my seeds and started a planting book and finally something has been planted.
The Jan sown All YearRound Cauliflower are already up as are some broad beans.Some of my early sweet peas are up and now have to fend for themselves in the plastic greenhouse.
Now I have planted some homegrown Verbena,Cosmos,Dahlias,French Marigolds,purloined Yellow Marigolds,Cherry Brandy and normal Rudbeckia,Verbena Bonarensis,Broccoli and Basil.
I have also done a batch of out of date Lemongrass which I hold little hope for but if you don't try you will never know.
I have still got some Pansies,Primulas and Violas in trays that I must find space for.
I already have 2 small hanging baskets and 2 flower planters filled with them.
In the garden things are bursting into life the crocuses are up and there are bulbs everywhere if only I remembered what half of them were.The broad beans are growing steadily as are the garlic and japanese onions.
The Hellebores that I planted last year are showing signs of lifeand one is nearly in flower.
The daffodils in pots are nearly in flower and the hyacinths and tulips are showing signs of life.

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