Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Whilst perusing various blogs and forums a quick garden tidy up and turning compost using my newish compost turner I succumbed to planting fever.
The kitchen ledge was emptied and replaced with San Marzano,Sweet Millions,Gardeners Delight and for some reason Minbel tomato seeds.
I am leaving my decent seeds until next month (Sungold Koralik etc)
It's a bit early but they will go in to the greenhouse later.If they fail its not too late to plant some more.
I uncovered my Bedfordshire Onions and about 20 are up and ate some spring onions from the garden.
The Picassos are in egg boxes chitting away.
The conservatory is pretty full and space is going to be at a premium,next job will be taking fuschia cuttings.

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