Sunday, 7 October 2012


A pictoral history of my maincrop Picasso and Pink Fur apple potatoes
A row of Charlotte salad potatoes,three rows of PFA and 2 of Picasso.

The incessant rain of spring and early summer sees the crop growing.

Unfortunately the site got struck with blight so the stems were cut off and basically left in the soil.

The dreadful conditions led to my Picasso's splitting.

Some did come out clean and are now in storage,

This is the last of the Pink Fur Apple's which have provided me with a decent crop and will be grown again next year.

I spent yesterday afternoon digging up and over the rest of my potato bed,all that's left are a row of Gladiator parsnips.In front of that is the unweeded Onion bed which is my next job.

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