Friday, 14 December 2012

Seed Circle 2

I have finally bagged up and sent my seeds for the Allotments 4 All Seed swap.This year I saved Reisentraube tomatoes and Black Hungarian Chilli peppers.
I got the seeds from Premier Seeds Direct on EBay.

Reisentraube tomatoes.
These were started on the 3rd March and potted on on the 29th March,27th April and relocated outside in mid May.Harvesting commenced in  late September.
Black Hungarian Chilli Peppers.
These were started on 3rd February in a heated propagator/and were up by   22nd /February where they were relocated to the windowsill.I potted them up on 10th March where they were relocated to the Conservatory.They were potted on to larger pots on 9th June.Then they were basically left until harvesting from October onwards once they had turned reddish.The seed was harvested from a number of fruits and left to dry until the seeds were hard.

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