Friday, 30 November 2012

End of another month.

At this time of year starting to garden at 3 o clock isn't the wisest of ideas since it is dark by 4:30.
I managed to dig over half of the vegetable patch that I intend to use for Cristo garlic.I emptied and replanted my hanging basket that has Pansies and Violas that I got cheaply from B&Q and potted up the Fuschias and Pelagoniums that it previously contained.The last of the spring bulbs went in earlier in the week Double Early Abba and Gavota tulips and some Carlton daffodils that I had hanging around.

I also harvested the last of my Black  Hungarian chilli peppers and planted some 20th Anniversary sweet peas in toilet rolls to overwinter in the blowaway.I got a handful of Sungold tomatoes which I fear will be the last of the season.

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