Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunny day and have run out of veggies for lunch.

With the prospect of frozen peas for Sunday lunch I had no alternative but to visit the allotment and harvest something fresh.4 good sized Gladiator parsnips,some Flyaway F1 carrots and a first harvest of Falstaff brussel sprouts was a decent haul and I managed to scoff some Autumn Bliss raspberries.I also managed a start on the roots of one of my tree stumps.
I also replanted some Senshyui onions that the birds had dislodged.
Earlier in the week I planted 2 rows of Super Aquadulce broad beans and cleared my Runner beans.
In the garden the trees have finally shed their leaves so another 3 bags of leaves were collected and the pond was tidied up and filled up a bit..I also pulled up the remainder of the tomato plants since there was no viable fruit left.
I also planted up another pot for spring with Carlton daffodils,Fire of Love tulips and Aneome Blanda.

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