Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Seed circle 1

One of the joys of forums is that some run various seed circles.This I have joined the GYO Tomato seed circle.I have grown and harvested Early Tanana and Latah as my contribution.
In return I will get upwards of 40 new varieties to try next year.
Some of the varieties I am looking forward to trialling.
I originally got these seed from the Allotments 4 All last year.Without this I would never have heard of these varieties and hopefully I can introduce 20 other people to grow them.
They are both early season varieties so the bad weather and blight this year didn't affect them.
Early Tanana comes from Denali seeds in Alaska and if it can grow there the UK will pose no problems.
Latah originally came from Real Seeds who are well worth a look for something slightly out of the ordinary.

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