Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dryish Weekend.

Finally a weekend with some decent weather saw me venture down the allotment.There were weeds everywhere.I weeded the garlic and strawberry beds.
 The Pentland Javelin seem to be coming on so they have been earthed up a bit.In the forefront are my Autumn Bliss raspberry plants which are putting on leaves.Sunday had me working in the allotment shop and I got some Picasso maincrops as freebies,they look a bit past their sell by date but I have planted up 2 half rows.We got a decent crop off of them last year.
I have also made a start on the top half of the other side which has been covered up over the winter,as yet I don't know what i am going to plant there.
This week to make space in the conservatory I have potted up some Monkey's Ass,Latah,Early Tanana,Reisentraube,Koralik,Slovenian Black and Alpatieva which have gone outside into the tomato house to harden off.
I have also started some Moonlight and White Lady runner beans and some Black Beauty courgettes.

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