Sunday, 27 May 2012

Weekly update

One day I will get the hang of posting pictures in historical order.
My neighbour kindly strimmed some of the long grass on my paths and i have done a little bit more so the paths are slightly more defined around my plot.I have one section still to do which contains nettles and various other weeds.I will probably leave it for a while since i am in planting mode.
I have weeded and watered my Onion/Shallot beds which are looking OK.
This is a picture of my Broad beans after a staking and weeding session this morning.

The blue sacks are full of weeds and make a clear gap between me and the neighbouring plot so there won't be any boundary disputes.

Yesterday's task with Mrs P was too cut away plastic pop bottle cloches and net with pea and bean Early Onward peas have some flowers on.I gave them a good watering since I had my helper to fetch and carry 2 litre plastic bottles.

This is the legume bed before weeding a mix of weeds and blue rubbish sacks and the peas covered with plastic bottle cloches.

This is my first fruit on my Marshmellow Strawberries next to a rogue Borage plant.The Strawberries are covered by my Brassica cage since I don't trust the birds.
I have planted a row of Early Nantes 2 Carrots,French Breakfast and Sparkler 3 Radishes in the gaps left by my failed Electric overwintering onions.
I have potted on batches of Purple Sprouting Broccoli,Sweet Genovese Basil,Romanesco Cauliflower,Russian Giant Sunflowers,Marketmore 76 Cucumbers,Black Beauty Courgettes,Picolino F1 Cucumbers and Gem Squashes.
In the Conservatory I have started batches of Bonne Boucene Runner Beans'Axima Leeks,Thai Basil,Purple and Green Delicacy Kohlrabi,White Lady Runner Beans,Headstart F1 Sweetcorn and Black Tuscany Kale.
I'm sure that I have missed something out but it will be added later.
In the garden I have potted up a pot of Sutton's Purple Potted Peas and masses of Tomato plants.
I think this brings me up to date and on a Sunday evening I am feeling quite knackered,

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