Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lovely weather

It seems that a bit of nice weather is upon us so I have had a couple of days at the allotment.My problem is that 3 paths are all overgrown and my lottie neighbours are making no effort to tidy any portion of them.What really bugs me is that they have strimmed up to their boundary and left the paths that are about 4 foot high.Above is an area that I cleared with a handsaw leaving me with 3 blue sacks full of crap.I also got my first use of a Fiskars scythe on another section which was a joy to work with.My problem is that last year I strimmed in shorts and a T shirt and got very itchy,so this year in 25 degree heat I am totally covered up and sweating like a pig,Still little and often and it will soon be cleared.
Weeds are rampant in the Onion patch so I have been hand-weeding and hoeing for England.
I have planted a couple of half rows of Flyaway F1 carrots and a row of Gladiator F1 parsnips.

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